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TAM-L12 Happy Are Those
Petro Schaad
Good evangelistic book for those who are asking about God.  This booklet shows how God has communicated to us through the Bible and then gives a clear presentation of the Gospel.
TAML12.jpg (5515 bytes) ...$3.50
TAM-L07 Reason Why
Takes a logical approach to four basic questions:  Is there a God?  Is the Bible true?  Is man accountable?  Is there Divine forgiveness? TAML07.jpg (965 bytes) ...$1.35
TAM-L10 Sadhu Sundar Singh
Andrew Prabukumar
Half an hour before his attempt to take his own life, Sunder Singh had a dramatic vision of Jesus Christ.  His search for inner peace was over. Read about his remarkable ministry and his spirit of simplicity, holiness and sacrifice.
TAML10.jpg (3388 bytes) ...$6.95
TAM-L11 Secret of Happiness
Billy Graham
So many people are unsatisfied with their life.  This book shows that by living out the Beatitudes found in Matthew 5 we can discover the true happiness that God wants us to have.
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DDD-V040 The Story of Jesus Through the
Eyes of Children NTSC DVD

The Story of Jesus as seen through the eyes of children who might have lived during Jesus' time on earth.  You can follow their lives as they lived in Jerusalem around AD 30.
A special bonus is that 24 languages are included on this single DVD.

DDDV040.jpg (5219 bytes) ...$5.00

  30 for $4


ATAML-L9T Who Is Jesus? ...$.06
An excellent tract for giving along with Scripture or a book! It helps to lay a foundation for faith by presenting the unfolding plan of salvation from the fall of man to the redemptive work of Christ. Eight-sided folded single sheet. Size 3 1/2 x 4 1/4.