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ATAG-L9C Apostle's Creed
A study on each of the 9 statements in the Apostles Creed, a confession of faith dating back to the first centuries of Christianity.  Study is BILINGUALl with English on one page and Tagalog on the facing page.

ATAGL9C.jpg (3520 bytes) ...$ .95
TAG-L09 Far From Home
A 22-page Scripture booklet that encourages overseas Filipinos to enter into a relationship with God and His family
Available in English ENG-L206...$1.50
English edition is full-color
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TAG-L16 How To Live Life Content, Blessed and Worry Free
Eduardo Roberto Jr.
Practical suggestions on what new Christians should do to grow in their new lives.

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TAG-L14 One Minute After You Die
Erwin Lutzer.
A powerful book giving a biblically-based presentation of what awaits the believer and unbeliever after death..
One Minute After You Die ...$3.95
TAG-L19 True Happiness Can Be Yours
Dennis & Sue Kaplingert
The book starts by showing man's need to know God & how this can be done through Jesus Christ.  Shows new believers how to grow in Christ and how to experience all that they have in Christ.

TAGl19.jpg (3312 bytes) ...$2.50
TAG-L06 Ultimate Questions
John Blanchard
A well-written, full-colored booklet giving Biblical answers to questions on man's existence and his relationship to God.
Available in English ENG-L811...$2.50
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TAG-L11 Who Is a Real Christian?
Ed. by OMF Publishers
An evangelistic booklet that explains simply what it means to be a Christian.
Available in English ENG-L899...$1.50
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DDD-V040 The Story of Jesus Through the
Eyes of Children NTSC DVD

The Story of Jesus as seen through the eyes of children who might have lived during Jesus' time on earth.  You can follow their lives as they lived in Jerusalem around AD 30.
A special bonus is that 24 languages are included on this single DVD.
DDDV040.jpg (5219 bytes) ...$5.00

30 for $4.00



ATAG-L9T Who Is Jesus? ... .$ .06
An excellent tract for giving along with Scripture or a book! It helps to lay a foundation for faith by presenting the unfolding plan of salvation from the fall of man to the redemptive work of Christ. Eight-sided folded single sheet. Size 3 1/2 x 4 1/4.