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FRE-L142 Adha in the Injeel    Bilingual
Fouad Masri
Using the illustation of the Muslim feast
of sacrifice (Adha), this booklet shows how salvation comes through the sacrifice of Christ.
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..$ 2.50
FRE-L57 All That the Prophets Have Spoken 
J.R. Cross
Clearly and logically explains the great themes of the Bible chronologically and as one great universal drama.  Written with sensitivity for those with a Muslim background. Includes an excellent explanation of how we got the Bible.

Available in English..ENG-L904...$12.95

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FRE-L29 Answers to Live By
Edwin D. Roels
Using a question and answer format, this book gives the Bible's answer to the most important questions asked about God, man, man's relationship to God and fellowship with God.

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FRE-L118 Believers Bible Commentary
William MacDonald
Written for both the layman and pastor, this commentary is a wealth of resource material, exploring the deeper meanings of each book of the Bible..
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FRE-L137 Bible in 90 Minutes
This book contains 45 selected excerpts from the Bible that give an overview and understanding of the message of the Bible.
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..$ 2.95
FRE-L133 Bible Overview
Great helps for understanding the Bible.  With full-color illustrations, maps, charts and informative introductions, this booklet facilitates an understanding of its contents.
FREL133.jpg (4427 bytes) ..$ 3.25
FRE-L48 Bible Concordance
A 1126 page concordance to the Old & New Testaments for the 1910 Segond Version and the 1979 Revised Segond (Geneva) Version.
FREL48.gif (8665 bytes) ..$42.95
FRE-L60 Bible Dictionary for All
A 589 page dictionary of Biblical words and examples of their use in the Bible.
FREL60.jpg (2062 bytes) ..$44.95
FRE-L120 By This Name
John Cross
Our world is filled with many belief systems.  This book is an effective chronological presentation of what the Bible is all about and is written in a way that will appeal to those who are wanting to know the truth..

Available in English..ENG-L751...$12.95
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FRE-L134 Challenges to Christianity
A  pocket-size guide that allows you to anaylze some difficult questions that people ask about Christianity, to explore reservations about the Christian faith, to discover the answer to these difficult questions and recognize why Christianity is unique.   Nice full-colored gift book.
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FRE-L135 Christ in Prophecy
R.E. Harlow
This book deals with the prophecies in the Old Testament concerning the coming of Jesus Christ.  The reader will discover how these were fulfilled in Jesus, thus showing the truth and trustworthiness of the Bible.
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..$ 6.95
FRE-L131 Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Jesus
Eric Metaxes
Did Jesus live?  Is He the Son of God?  Why did He have to die? Did He come back from the dead?  In his own entertaining way, the author gives the serious answers to these and other questions about the life of Christ.  A very readable book on apologetics.
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FRE-L101 Growth of the Christian
Growing in Christ is a continuous process.  This book covers various areas of growth, encouraging the new believer to obey and trust Christ, study the Bible, pray, overcome temptation and be a witness for Christ.
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..$ 3.75
FRE-L115 Happy Christian Family
C. Farah
Practical advice and wisdom from a father who raisedd 7 children.  Covers such topics as worship in the family, obedience, friends, finances and other topics


FREL115.jpg (1277 bytes) ..$ 9.95
FRE-L111 I Was Blind, Now I See
BILINGUAL - French/Arabic
Six believers from Muslim backgrounds share their journey to faith in Christ that will inspsire seeking hearts.  Each story is very different, reflecdting the unique and individuals ways God uses to draw Muslims to Himself.

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..$ 3.95
FRE-L114 My Destiny
Oswald J. Smith
An excellent book that gives a clear explanation of the way of salvation for any person who is seeking the truth.

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..$ 2.95
FRE-L63 New Bible Dictionary
Inter-Varsity Press 1365-page dictionary of the Bible.
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FRE-L40 New Bible Commentary
InterVarsity Press one volume commentary on the whole Bible.   Commentary by Guthrie/Montyer/Stibbs/Wiseman.  Hb.
FREL40.jpg (15216 bytes) ..$154.95
FRE-L125 Our Daily Bread
RBC Ministries
A book of daily meditations that takes a verse for each day and explains it in a way that will bring encouragement and practical advice for Christian living.
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..$ 11.95
FRE-L124 Power of the Christian
E.M. Bounds
The Chistian is challenged to find his source of power in his relationship with Christ and through his prayer life.

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..$ 3.75
FRE-L126 Resurrection Factor
Josh McDowell
Did the resurrection happen?  The author, a former skeptic, shares years of research that brought him to faith in Christ.  He validates the bodily resurrection of Jesus Christ as historical fact and quotes many experts in the fields of archeology, history, ancient Roman & Jewish sources.

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FRE-L138 The Pastor's Manual
Myer Pearlman
This manual is a guide for all the ceremonies and ordinances of the church. Includes a wedding ceremony - the Lord's Supper - funeral services - welcome for new members etc.

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FRE-L41 Stranger on the Road to Emmaus
John Cross
A bestseller, this 40-day spiritual journey that could change your life as you discover God's purpose for creating you.  This will give meaning to your life and prepare you for eternity.

Available in English..ENG-L187...$12.95

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FRE-L132 Twelve Lessons for New Believers
The purpose of this booklet is to explain simply and clearly some of the great truths we need to know & understand if we want to grow in the Christian life.
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FRE-L09 Ultimate Questions
John Blanchard
A well-written, full-colored booklet giving Biblical answers to questions about man's existence and his relationship to God.
Available in English ENG-L811..$2.95
FREL09.jpg (1815 bytes) .$2.95
FRE-L87 What On Earth
Am I Here For?
Rick Warren
Taken from The Purpose Driven Life, this book answers the following questions & challenges us to see life as God sees it: Why am I alive? Does my life matter? What is my purpose?
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FRE-L91 Women in the Bible
Eunice Faith Priddy
Does God value women?  Many women from other cultures struggle with this issue.  This is a devotional study of the lives of 50 women in the Bible and brings out the spiritual lessons we can learn from each life.

Available in English ENG-L7651..$8.95


FREL91.jpg (1718 bytes) ..$8.50

Bible Study

AFRE-L9C Apostle's Creed           ...$.95
Each statement of the creed is studied individually with Bible texts and questions (about 4 or 5 texts and 4 or 5 questions per statement). The lessons can be used for individual study or to promote a discussion. It is bi-lingual, one page French and the opposite page English.


FRE-L140 My First Bible for Children
A story Bible that will keep the child's attention.  This hardcover book has beautifully-colored illustrations on almost every page along with the text.  It contains 135 stories from the OT and 97 from the NT.
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DDD-V040 The Story of Jesus Through the
Eyes of Children NTSC DVD

The Story of Jesus as seen through the eyes of children who might have lived during Jesus' time on earth.  You can follow their lives as they lived in Jerusalem around AD 30.
A special bonus is that 24 languages are included on this single DVD.

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30 for $4

FRE-L116 Sunshine Country
Christine Roy
True story of Palko, a young orphan in the mountains of Slovakia.  He discovers the Bible and gives his heart to Jesus.  Discover the astonishing influence of this young orphan on neighbors and friends.  Excellent book for reading to children.

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FRE-L121 The Story of Hope
The Story of Hope uses 40 key Bible events to give an overview of the message of the Bible - 20 events from the OT and 20 from the NT.  The book is written in such a way that the gospel message can be shared as a short presentation or taught in several lessons of various time frames.    Beautiful full-colored glossy pictures illustrate each event. It is designed to allow for several different levels of Bible study.  Students will need a Bible to look up the Scripture passages. 

Eight essential truths emerge out of these Bible stories: God, Man, Sin, Death, Christ, Cross, Faith, Life - what was learned about our Creator, about mankind, disobedience to God, penalty for sin, about Jesus, about trusting Jesus and about eternal life.
6 1/2 x 9 3/4
Also Available in English


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FRE-L76 Toddler's Bible
Gilbert Beer
Bible storybook containing 85 short stories for children 8 years and younger.   Hardback.

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AFRE-L9T Who Is Jesus?     $.06
An excellent tract for giving along with Scripture or a book! It helps to lay a foundation for faith by presenting the unfolding plan of salvation from the fall of man to the redemptive work of Christ. Eight-sided folded single sheet. Size 3 1/2 x 4 1/4.
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