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BUL-L02 Basic Christianity
John Stott
This helpful book presents the basis of Christianity by examining the claims of Christ in light of historical facts and then proceeds to share the Gospel.  Many people have found Christ through reading this book.

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BUL-L03 Beliefs & Practices of Christians
Dr William Miller
A very well-written book to introduce a Muslim to Christianity. Deals with basic Christian doctrine and how Christians view religious duties.

Available in English

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BUL-L13 Calvary Road
Roy Hession
An excellent book on experiencing personal revival through repentance and walking in humility.
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BUL-L33 Discipleship
David Watson
The author challenges the western church to take a look at the real teachings of Jesus when becoming one of His disciples.
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BUL-L05 How to Study the Bible
R.A. Torrey
A general reference tool to help master the contents of the Bible by introducing various ways to study the Bible.
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BUL-L16 Knowing God
J.I. Packer
A study of the nature and attributes of God that not only informs the mind, but inspires devotion to God.

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BUL-L20 Letter for You
Presents the Bible as a letter from God, giving its main theme and explaining how we actually got the Bible and why its message is true.  Contains testimonies of how the Bible has changed lives.

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BUL-L35 Marriage Difficulties
Paul Tournier
A well-known psychologist shares advice on many questions that come up as a couple begin their lives together.

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BUL-L34 Messages of 2 Timonty
John Stott
A well-written commentary on the book of
2 Timothy.

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BUL-L29 Purpose-Driven Life
Rick Warren
This 40-day spiritual journey will impact a person’s life as they discover that God’s purpose is to prepare them for eternal life with Him.

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BUL-L32 Share Your Faith With a Muslim
Charles Marsh
Charles Marsh was a missionary in Algeria for some years.  Here he shares from his experience, thoughts on how to communicate the Gospel to Muslims.

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...$ 2.95
BUL-L09 Ten Myths About Christianity
Michael Green
Forth-right answers to the following questions:  Who was Jesus?  Science & faith?  Is faith revelant?   Is the Bible reliable?  God and evil? ect

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...$ 3.25
BUL-L31 The Promise
Harold Essmann
A colorful 16-page magazine which presents the basic Biblical message of the fall of man into sin to finding new life in Christ.
8 1/2 x 11 format.
English - ENG-L932....$1.35

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BUL-L10 Ultimate Questions
John Blanchard
A well-written, full-colored booklet giving Biblical answers to questions on man's existence and his relationship to God.
Available in English ENG-L811...$2.95
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BUL-L36 Your Quest for God
Richard Bennett
People often search for peace in the wrong places or things, so the author shows that true peace of the heart is only found in Jesus Christ.
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ABUL-L9T Who is Jesus? ...$.06
An excellent tract for giving along with Scripture or a book! It helps to lay a foundation for faith by presenting the unfolding plan of salvation from the fall of man to the redemptive work of Christ. Eight-sided folded single sheet. Size 3 1/2 x 4 1/4.
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